Hot Toys – Avengers: Infinity War – Iron Spider (Galaxy Color Version) Bobble-Head

Cosbaby announced two figures: Movbi and Iron Man Mark L Set, and Iron Spider (Galaxy Color Version), expected release Q3 of 2018.

COSB533 Iron Spider (Galaxy Color Version) stands at 6 inches tall (15 cm) with his claws ready and his web shooters locked and loaded. The new suit’s surface patterns are carefully sculpted. The most eye-catching part is the metallic red, blue, green and gold paint. The gradient coloring gives Spidey a mysterious and unpredictable feel and made it more attractive than the normal version.

Hot Toys – COSB533 – Avengers: Infinity War- Iron Spider (Galaxy Color Version) Cosbaby (M) Bobble-Head
List Price: NA
Height: 6 inches (15 cm)
Expected release: Q3 2018