[Wonder Festival 2018 Summer] New from Sentinel & 1000toys!

Sentinel and 1000toys exhibited a number of RIOBOT and 4inch-nel figures at yesterday's Wonder Festival 2018 Summer!

▼ The main highlights of the exhibit are the Sentinel x Grendizer 10th Anniversary figures: RIOBOT Grendizer, RIOBOT Spazer and RIOBOT Dragon Caesar. The Spazer can combine with the Grendizer into a new armored form!

▼ The super cute SUSHI-L.A. Mechatro (Glow in the Dark)!

▼ The Black RIOBOT Getter-1 from Getter Robo Devolution - The Last Three Minutes of the Universe Getter

▼ Sentinel x Good Smile Company 4inch-nel Caster/Nero

Mega Man Legends (Rockman Dash in Japan) 4inch-nel Roll Caskett coming this December

Sol Grandiva from Gravion Zwei

▼ Sentinel x AMAKUNI Gwenpool

Genesis Climber MOSPEADA 1/12 scale prototypes on display!

Toho Heavy Industries IZMOJUKI articulated model from 1000toys

▼ Multiple new 35 MechatroWeGo unveiled!

▼ figma Persona 5 Makoto Niijima/QUEEN with Johanna/Anat

Iron Spider 1/6 scale figure

▼ The all new FRAME ACTION MEISTER Juohmaru from Plawres Sanshiro

Image Source: Sentinel Official Twitter