[Wonder Festival 2018 Summer] Prime 1 Studio Festival Exclusives Unveiled!

On the eve of Wonder Festival 2018 [Summer], festival regular Prime 1 Studio has unveiled this year's festival exclusives, including items from Berserk, Bloodborne, and Gravity Rush 2. Look out for Guts' awesome Dragon Slayer Pillow from Berserk!

The massive Dragon Slayer sword is 2 meters long and resembles a block of iron more than an actual sword. Most people cannot lift the sword due to its absurd length and weight, with Guts alone able to unleash its destructive powers, easily able to cut down enemy soldiers and monsters.

Berserk Dragon Slayer Pillow - ¥8000
Released by Prime 1 Studio, the Dragon Slayer Pillow is roughly 2 meters long with a solid inner structure, allowing you to becomes the Black Swordsman and lift the sword pillow by its hilt. Though ineffective against Apostles, this Dragon Slayer can chase your bad dreams away!

Berserk Life Scale Masterline Puck (Glow-in-the-Dark) - ¥15000

Bloodborne Acrylic Figures - ¥1200 Each (4 types)

Bloodborne Acrylic Key Chain - ¥600 Each
Arsenal: 7 Types / Items: 6 Types

Bloodborne Saw Cleaver Pillow - ¥5000

Bloodborne Kos Parasite Cushion - ¥5000 

Bloodborne Messenger Ribbon - ¥3000 Each (2 types) 

Bloodborne Sticky Set (Hunters/Messengers) - ¥400 Each

GRAVITY RUSH 2 Acrylic Figures - ¥1200 Each

Wonder Festival 2018 [Summer]
Dates: 07/29 (10:00~17:00)
Tickets: ¥2500 (Free for children under 12)
Transportation: https://www.m-messe.co.jp/ch/access/
Event Website: http://wf.kaiyodo.net/ (Japanese)