BANDAI Metal Build M9 Gernsback Ver.IV - Full Metal Panic!

Bandai Spirits has announced the Full Metal Panic! Metal Build M9 Gernsback Ver.IV for a December 2018 release!

The M9 Gernsback is a third generation Arm Slave (Armored Mobile Master-Slave System) primarily in the service of the United States Armed Forces and anti-terrorist organization Mithril. The M9 ditches the heavy gas turbines of the 2nd generation M6 for a Palladium reactor and electroactive polymers, reducing weight and increasing mobility, elevating the mech's mobility. Coupled with a sophisticated AI which reduces the strain on the pilot, the M9 is an incredibly versatile Arm Slave in battle.

Produced by mechanical designer Ebike Kanetake, METAL BUILD M9 GERNSBACK Ver.IV is heavily armed even when compared to other metal builds. Its weapons include the M1108 Anti-tank dagger, XM18 Wire Gun, GRAW-2 Monomolecular Cutter, Bofors 57mm smoothbore gun, 76mm Sniper Rifle, GDC-B 40mm Rifle, Javelin ultra high-speed missile, Versile II missile and AM 11 Chain gun. You can collect the weapons with the docking bay-inspired diorama base, and the mech also comes with Kurzu, Sosuke, Tessa and Garns figures.

METAL BUILD M9 Gernsback Ver.IV 
¥24840 (~$224) | 7" (18cm) | 12/2018 Release