Sideshow Collectibles Wolverine Life-Size Bust from Marvel Comics!

Having previously released Deadpool, Hulk and Grey Hulk, Sideshow Collectibles has a new full scale life-size Marvel Comics bust on the horizon: Wolverine from the X-Men, expected to release Q1 2019.

A founding member of the X-Men, Wolverine, who possesses an accelerated healing factor, volunteered for a secret experiment conducted by the American government which infused his skeleton with adamantium, granting him indestructible adamantium bone claws. Though Wolverine has donned a number of costumes over the years, this time Sideshow has taken inspiration from his classic yellow-black design of the 1980s for a hyper-realistic look as if the entire bust has been coated with a sharp gloss.

Wolverine Life-Size Bust measures 69 cm (27.2") tall with the display base, putting his wild, feral side on display with an extremely toothy growl. Wolverine's mask, facial muscles, skin texture and skin-tight costume are all recreated with stunning attention to detail. Check out the amazingly lifelike craftsmanship in those teeth and gums. The bust also employs gradient techniques that not only deepen Wolverine’s visage but also elevate his animalistic aura!

Sideshow Collectibles Wolverine Life-Size Bust
SRP: $995
Product Dimensions: 1/1 scale, Height 69 cm/27.2"
Release Schedule: 2019 Q1