HOT TOYS War Machine IV 1/6 Scale Figure – Avengers: Infinity War

Look out! Hot Toys War Machine Mark IV Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Avengers: Infinity War is coming at you in Q1 2020!

War Machine, aka Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes, is Tony Stark's best friend. He joined the Iron Man faction in Captain America: Civil War but was accidentally shot down by Vision and paralyzed as a result. In Avengers: Infinity War, War Machine is back on his feet with the help of a prosthetic exoskeleton, joining the Battle of Wakanda against the Black Order and their Outrider army.

Measuring 12.6" (32 cm) tall with 30 points of articulation, War Machine Mark IV 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure accurately portrays Rhodey's new armor, armed from head to toe featuring complex mechanical details and gunmetal grey paint job with digital camouflage patterns. The figure also includes an additional helmet head sculpt from sculptor Kojun and Lok Ho and JC. Hong, painted in the likeness of actor Don Cheadle!

Armaments include one articulated back-mounted machine gun and a pair of back-mounted missile launchers. You can even swap out the shoulder and forearm armor to reveal additional missiles and guns as War Machine goes all out against the extraterrestrial invaders. The figure comes with LED functions in the arc reactor and eyes, which glow red when the function is engaged. The Exclusive Special Edition also includes a battle damaged Outrider diorama so War Machine can literally step over his enemies!

▼ The Special Edition Outrider, charred to your liking!

Hot Toys – MMS499D26 – Avengers: Infinity War - 1/6th scale War Machine Mark IV Collectible Figure
$415 | 1/6 Scale | 12.6" (32 cm) | Q4 2019 ~ Q1 2020