Portrait of Pirates P.O.P. Charlotte Katakuri One Piece SA-MAXIMUM MegaHouse

One Piece Portrait of Pirates (P.O.P.) Charlotte Katakuri is coming to you from MegaHouse! The P.O.P. line has long been a hit with One Piece fans, and this time MegaHouse is releasing the strongest Sweet Commander of the Big Mom Pirates in SA-MAXIMUM form! Check out more images and release information below.

Charlotte Katakuri (シャーロット・カタクリ) is the second son of the Charlotte Family and the strogest of the Three Sweet Commanders with a 1,057,000,000 Beli bounty, acting as the Minister of Flour in Big Mom's domain. Katakuri is able to use his mastery of Haki to maximize the power of his Mochi-Mochi Fruit, and had never been defeated in battle prior to his clash with Monkey D. Luffy.

Launching a piercing attack with his trident Mogura, Katakuri dons his typical leather outfit with spiked boots and bracelet, his vest opening to reveal prominent abs definition! Just what is he hiding underneath all that scarf? The figure will be available for pre-order starting July 27 from the Premium Bandai Online Shop and MEGA TREA SHOP.

Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece “SA-MAXIMUM” Charlotte Katakuri
¥18900 (~$170) | 9" (23 cm) Tall | Release 12/2018 
Color Producer: Andou Kenji
Sculptor: MAS
Materials: ABS,PVC