Sentinel Toys Deploys the Nel Mega Man 30th Anniversary 4Inch-Nel Figure!

In celebration of Mega Man's 30th Anniversary and Sentinel Toys' 10th Anniversary, Sentinel Toys has partnered with Capcom to bring you the 4Inch-Nel Mega Man Anniversary Collaboration!

The Mega Man 30th Anniversary X Sentinel 10th Anniversary Special Edition is a crossover between Mega Man and the Super Robot God Sentinel, with the "sen (千)" and "chi (値)" characters adorning the head and torso armor. Mega Man's helmet bears a bright gold crown with the Mega Man 30th Anniversary logo printed on his back. The figure comes with a variety of interchangeable hands and facial expressions, as well as his classic arm cannon!

Mega Man, also known as Rockman, was developed by Capcom for the NES game console in 1987. Created by Akira Kitamura, the game was praised for its innovative weapons-based platform gameplay and gave birth to one of the most iconic gaming characters Mega Man. The series has since spawned multiple games and spun off into cartoons and comic books.

4Inch-Nel Mega Man X Sentinel Mega Man 30th Anniversary Figure
Price: $58 | Height: 3.9" (10 cm) | Releases 10/2018

▼ The official Super Robot God Sentinel mascot design