Star Wars Bandai Mecha Collection 1/1000 Tantive IV Blockade Runner Announced!

The Mecha Collection from Bandai Hobby, which previously combined innovative color molding techniques with easy-to-assemble parts to create Dragon Ball model vehicles, now brings you the 1/1000 scale Tantive IV Blockade Runner as seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope! Bandai Hobby has referenced the films and captured the massive vessel in 5" (12.7 cm) miniaturized form. Pricing information is not available at this time, so stay tuned for more and check out the previously unveiled Death Star II & Star Destroyer Model Kit Set.

A CR90 Corvette, the Tantive IV appears in the opening scene of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, carrying Princess Leia and the secret Death Star schematics as it tries to escape the pursuing Imperial Star Destroyer. With its main reactor shut down, the starship was boarded by an Imperial landing party led by Darth Vader when an escape pod carrying zero lifeforms quietly launches toward the desert planet Tatooine...

1/1000 Tantive IV Blockade Runner
Length: 5" (12.7 cm)
Expected Release 10/2018