The Fallen King Arrives! Good Smile Company Saber Alter & Cuirassier Noir - Fate/Grand Order

Vroom Vroom! From the Good Smile Company comes the latest Fate/Grand Order entry, Saber/Altria Pendragon [Alter] & Cuirassier Noir! This 1/8 scale statue is expected to release August 2019.

This model is based on the trailer for the first Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant episode, capturing Saber Alter roaring into combat on her Cuirassier Noir motorcycle. Fans who have watched Fate/Zero will be familiar with the vehicle, as it is the same magic-enhanced Yamaha VMAX from the last Holy Grail War, only this time decked out in red and black to match Saber Alter's color scheme.

Trailer for Singularity Subspecies I : Evil Quarantined Demonic Realm : Shinjuku Phantom Incident

The Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier (YAMAHA VMAX) released in 2012.

Saber pursuing Rider-class servant Iskandar (Alexander the Great) on her VMAX bike in Fate/Zero 

Saber Alter&Cuirassier Noir depicts the King of Knights steering her bike and ready to strike with Excalibur Morgan, her eyes gleaming with killing intent! The statue is covered in detail from head to toe, from Saber Alter's fluttering jacket and hair to the jagged destroyed pavement, but the highlight is no doubt Cuirassier, beautifully painted to capture the metallic surfaces and expose the complex mechanical detail of the motorcycle!

Saber/Altria Pendragon [Alter] & Cuirassier Noir 
Price: ¥18333 (~$165)
Release Date: 08/2019
Product Dimensions: ABS & PVC painted figure, 1/8 scale, 10" (27 cm) tall
Sculptor: Bakusatsu Shooter
Color: Iwabitsu
Production: Katahara Itashi