[SDCC 2018] Square Enix Displays New Bring Arts Figures from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts

With SDCC 2018 now officially under way, Square Enix is exhibiting several of its new 6-inch Bring Arts figures from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts at Comic-Con.

FINAL FANTASY BRING ARTS Cloud Another Form ver.(クラウド アナザーフォームver.)

▼ FINAL FANTASY BRING ARTS Sephiroth Another Form ver.(セフィロス アナザーフォームver.)

Kingdom Hearts 3 BRING ARTS Kairi(カイリ)

Kingdom Hearts 2 BRING ARTS Halloween Town Sora & Christmas Town Sora

The World Ends with You: Final Remix BRING ARTS Neku(ネク)

FINAL FANTASY IX BRING ARTS Zidane & Garnet (ジタン&ガーネット)

▼ FINAL FANTASY IX BRING ARTS Vivi Orunitia & Adelbert Steiner (ビビ&スタイナー), Beatrix & Freya (ベアトリクス&フライヤ)

Nier: Automata BRING ARTS 9S, A2 Colored Prototype

Dragon Quest XI BRING ARTS Veronica & Serena Prototype, Erik Colored Prototype Unveiled!

Xenogears BRING ARTS Fei Fong Wong, Elehayym "Elly" Van Houten, Weltall

Image Source: SQEX MD GOODS Twitter