Monster Hunter Item Mascot Plus Collection from Capcom!

With the release of the new Monster Hunter: World game, Capcom has rolled out the all new Item Mascot Plus collection, collecting hunters' favorite in-game items and accessories into awesome collectible trinkets! The collection, which releases September 27, 2018, currently features Potion (Otomo Airou), Shirubemushi's Cage and the Supply Box.

▪ Potion (Otomo Airou)

▪ Supply Box

▪ Shirubemushi's Cage

Monster Hunter Item Mascot Plus
SRP: ¥850 (~$7.50) each
Shirubemushi's Cage - H 1.6"/4.2cm × W 0.7"/1.9cm × D 0.9"/2.3cm
Supply Box - H 1.1"/2.9cm x W 1.6"/4.0cm x D 1.1"/2.9cm
Potion (Otomo Airou) - H 1.4"/3.6cm × W 1.3"/3.3mm × D 0.6"/1.6mm

In addition, Capcom is also releasing the iconic Monster Hunter item Real Well Cooked Meat Key Ring. So come pick up this delicious piece of meat!

Monster Hunter: World Real Well Cooked Meat Key Ring
SRP: ¥2500 (~$22)
Release Date: 09/27/2018
Size: H 0.8"/2.1cm × W 3"/8cm × D 0.6"/1.5cm