Free Hugs from the Alien Face Hugger Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanix!

How about a hug? Quantum Mechanix has put its own twist on the Facehugger from the Alien films, rolling out the Alien Face Hugger Q-Fig, expected to ship September 2018!

The Facehugger is the second stage of the alien Xenomorph life cycle, able to detect life and latch onto potential vicitms at alarming speeds. It will envelop the victim's face with such strength that attempts to remove the facehugger generally prove dangerous or unsuccessful, implanting an alien embryo inside the victim, where it will gradually mature into a Chestburster, erupting violently from the victim's body into a full fledged Xenomorph alien.

The Alien Face Hugger Q-Fig measures 3.3" (8.5 cm) tall, offering Quantum Mechanix's own humorous spin on the terrifying alien. With green slime drooling out of the open alien egg, the Facehugger now extends an open invitation, generously offering free hugs to anyone passing by. Even the most dastardly creatures of the universe need your care! So what do you say?

Quantum Mechanix Alien Face Hugger Q-Fig
SRP: $19.95
Height: 3.3" (8.5 cm)
Release Date: 09/2018