Full Metal Panic! Teletha Testarossa Bikini ver. from Kadokawa!

Kadokawa brings you Teletha Testrarossa Bikini ver. 1/7 Scale Model from the popular light novel and anime series Full Metal Panic!, expected to release this December!

One of the two female protagonists of the series, Teletha "Tessa" Testrossa is the captain of the Mithril's submarine Tuatha de Danaan at only 16 years of age. Observant and analytical, Tessa is an extremely capable military strategist, but her inexperience does come into play at times, requiring the counsel of more senior lieutenants.

Though she is only a teenage girl, Tessa's resolve and spirit is no weaker than that of an experienced veteran soldier, and she cares deeply for her crew. A talented Whispered, Tessa was able to derive the ECS theorem with her brother, which was subsequently used in weaponry that resulted in millions of casualties and causing Tessa to join Mithril out of guilt.

Teletha Testarossa Bikini ver. 1/7 depicts a swimsuit clad Tessa, having ditched her military uniform for a cute bikini outfit, cherishing her precious leisure time. Tessa puts her pale skin and slender body on full display, shyly adjusting her swimsuit bottom atop a Tuatha de Danann styled inflatableh boat, with a translucent display base mimicking the water for a charming Summer statue!

Teletha Testarossa Bikini ver.
SRP: $179.99
Release Date: 12/2018
Materials: ABS, PVC
Dimensions: H 6.3"/16cm × W 7.5"/19cm × D 4.5"/11.5cm
Sculptor: Fundoshi