Sideshow Collectibles Reveals the Iron Man Extremis Mark II!

Just when you thought it doesn't get better, Sideshow Collectibles reveals the new Iron Man Extremis Mark II 1/5 Scale Statue, expected to ship May to July 2019!!

The Iron Man Extremis Mark II is based on artist Adi Granov's design. Iron Man soars to the skies in this 21.5" (54.6 cm) tall statue, sporting a sleeker, more angular helmet and his polished red and gold armor with aggressive flight flaps that expose the complex mechanics underneath for a layered, visceral visual effect!

The Extremis Mark II armor bears a triangular arc reactor with a clear blue outer shell that enhances the look of the reactor, with the palm and foot repulsors appearing as if they are ready to fire. The Stark Industries lanuch pad display base is clouded with fire and smoke from the ignited jet boosters, off-centered and beautifully painted with accurate gradient colors. The deluxe edition also includes an additional head portrait with mask visor up, exposing Tony Stark's face. What a work of Marvel from Sideshow!

▼ Check out the awesome mechanical details!

▼ It's almost as if you can feel the heat from the jet repulsor boots!

Sideshow Collectibles Iron Man Extremis Mark II Statue
SRP: $520
Scale: 1/5
Height: 21.5" (54.6 cm)
Shipping Date: May~July 2019