Hot Toys Deadpool Cosbaby Bobble Head Series - Deadpool 2

"Your bullets, they're really fast!"

Hot Toys strikes again with the Deadpool Cosbaby(S) Bobble-Head Series from Deadpool 2, expected to ship Q3 2018!

The Deadpool Cosbaby(S) Bobble-Head Series includes six different designs: Bullet Slashing Deadpool, X-Men Trainee Deadpool, Seductive Deadpool, Unicorn Riding Deadpool, Grenade Holding Deadpool and X-Force Deadpool. Each features the chibi Cosbaby design and range from 2.6" to 3.9" (6.5 cm to 10 cm) in height, packed from head to toe with fun and mischief!

Wearing a mask has never stopped Wade Wilson from being a character, and this Cosbaby collection captures various iterations of Deadpool with careful references to the films and comics. Whether he is (not) deflecting Cable's bullets or leading the X-Men as a trainee, who can resist the Merc with the Mouth in Cosbaby figure form?

Hot Toys – [COSB507 - COSB512] - Deadpool 2 – Deadpool Cosbaby (S) Bobble Head Series
SRP: TBA; Height: 2.6" to 3.9" (6.5 cm to 10 cm)
Expected Shipping Date: Q3 2018