With Fans! Ruby Kurosawa Blu-Ray Jacket Ver. from Love Live! Sunshine!!

The all new Good Smile Company x BANDAI NAMCO Arts brand With Fans! has announced Ruby Kurosawa Blu-Ray Jacket Ver., the fourth Aquors figure from the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime! Promotional images and release information have been published on the official Good Smile Company website.

Adapting the Blu-Ray jacket illustration of season 1 of the anime, this fully colored PVC figure recreates Ruby's bright green eyes and blushing cheeks, struggling to keep her balance as she runs along with an ice cream cone in hand! The statue is packed with details form her fluttering pigtails to that subtle ice cream drip, with a special clear piece to fix Ruby in an off-balance position! Order from BANDAI VISUAL CLUB to receive a special limited edition CD!

Love Live! Sunshine!! is a 2015 spin-off of Love Live! School Idol Project, this time focusing on the girls of Uranohoshi Girls' Academy. Inspired by μ's, Chika Takami and eight of her friends band together to form the idol group Aquors in order to save their beloved school from shutting down.

Ruby Kurosawa Blu-Ray Jacket Ver.
SRP: ¥13704 (~$121); Height: 8.5" (21.5 cm)
Releases May 2019

▼ Order from BANDAI VISUAL CLUB 訂購此作多附有特典是「黒澤ルビィ オリジナルモノローグCD」。

With Fans! is the new series combining BANDAI NAMCO Arts with the production techniques of Good Smile Company to deliver products that will fulfill the dreams of fans from all over the world! So far, Chika Takami, You Watanabe and Sakurauchi Riko have been released, with the rest of the Aquors members soon to follow!