Gear Up for a Return to Hyrule with the Breath of the Wild Bow and Arrow Replica Set!

Building on the success of the dual-purpose “Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack,” ThinkGeek this time brings you another replica from Nintendo smash hit “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”: the Traveler’s Bow & Ancient Arrow! The replica set can be pre-ordered now and is expected to ship July 2018.

In “Breath of the Wild,” the Traveler’s Bow is one of Link’s earliest weapons. Though lacking in firepower and prone to breaking down, the bow can more than hold its own when dispatching enemy Bokoblin. The Ancient Arrow, on the other hand, is a powerful late-game weapon capable of dealing devastating damage and is particularly effective against Guardians. No doubt that ThinkGeek’s exquisite workmanship this time will be a big draw for the roaming warriors of Hyrule.

The Traveler’s Bow measures 101.6 cm long, fully recreating its in-game design, with faux wood bow, textured grip, and stylized plating. Note that the bow is for display only, so make sure not to tug on the non-functional bowstring! The Ancient Arrow measures 90 cm long, with the arrowhead featuring a light-up function, allowing fans to simulating the weapon’s in-game properties. The replica comes with a black wall mount with printed Sheikah Eye design, the perfect touch to finish off this exquisite display piece.

Breath of the Wild Bow and Arrow Replica Set
SRP: $79.99
Product Dimensions: Bow (101.6 cm/40" long), Arrow (90 cm/35.4" long)
Release Date: July 2018, Pre-orders Available Now