“How Much For the Arm?” Iron Studios Winter Soldier BDS Art Scale 1/10 – Avengers: Infinity War

Following Black Widow, Hulkbuster, Falcon, and War Machine, Brazilian brand Iron Studios has released Winter Soldier BDS Art Scale 1/10, the newest Avengers: Infinity War battle diorama in its BDS Art Scale series, expected to ship Q4 2018.

Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, was sent to Wakanda for rehabilitation at the end of Captain America: Civil War, and we learn in Black Panther that Princess Shuri managed to rid him of his Hydra brainwashing. Facing an unprecedented threat in Avengers: Infinity War, Bucky is grafted with a new Vibranium arm and joins the other heroes in defending Wakanda against the invading Black Order and their army of Outriders. In the film, we see Bucky tag-teaming with Rocket Raccoon in an Outrider shootout, with Rocket now coveting his new arm.

Winter Soldier BDS Art Scale 1/10 measures 20.5 cm tall and captures Bucky’s new film look, sporting a navy vest with dark green trousers and knife sheath strapped to the left thigh. No doubt the highlight of the diorama is Bucky’s new upgraded arm adorned with Wakandan patterns, while the assault rifle and tactical gear have all been replicated with great care, not to mention realistic mud detail on the boots and the spectacular splashing effect!

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Winter Soldier BDS Art Scale 1/10 - Avengers: Infinity War
SRP: $99.99
Product Dimensions: 1/10 scale, Height 20.5 cm (8")
Release Schedule: Q4 2018