From the Legendary Bat-Manga: DC Collectibles Batman Black and White Statue (Jiro Kuwara)

The Batman Black and White series from DC Collectibles has recruited notable artists from all around the world to design unique Batman sculptures. This time we bring you the Batman by Jiro Kuwata statue based on the Bat-Manga, currently slated for a January 2019 release!

First airing in 1966, the classic Batman TV series starring Adam West became a national American phenomenon, making a splash across the pond in Japan as well. Publisher Shonen Gahosha secured the rights to Batman from DC Comics, allowing Japanese manga artists to write their own Batman stories. Particularly noteworthy is Jiro Kuwata’s Bat-Manga, which chronicles the story of Batman and Robin as they fight off various villains and criminal organizations.

Taking inspiration from one of Bat-Manga’s cover images and sculpted by star designer Jonathan Matthews from DC Collectibles, the statue portrays Batman holding a hi-tech ray gun, putting the unique style on display from every angle, especially the bat-cape as drawn by Jiro Kuwata. The traditional 2D color scheme is a highlight as well, using gradient techniques to craft the musculature and make the figure come alive. Grab this set for the retro charm of Jiro Kuwata’s work!

▼ Bat-Manga's Cover Art

Batman Black and White Statue (Jiro Kuwata)
SRP: $80
Product Height: 6.3" (16 cm)
Limited to 5000 copies
Expected Release: January 2019

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