Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Pegasus Seiya (Heaven Chapter) 15th Anniversary ver.

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the popular Saint Seiya Myth Cloth series, Bandai has released Pegasus Seiya (Heaven Chapter) 15th Anniversary ver.! Promotional images and retail information have recently been published on the official website.

Main protagonist Pegasus Seiya and his trademark technique Pegasus Meteor Fist, capable of unleashing hundreds of supersonic punches, are been among the most impressionable aspects of the series. This time Bandai has not held back, releasing exciting accessories like a 15th anniversary memorial plaque, two facial expressions, a new head sculpt and interchangeable hands with the figure. No doubt this will make its way onto the shelves of many fans!

Saint Seiya: Heaven Chapter Overture is the fifth animated film in the Saint Seiya film series. Released on February 2004, the movie serves as the continuation of the Hades saga, unlike the previous films. After his battle against Hades, Seiya, having lost all his power, survives under the care of Saori. The moon goddess Artemis, who desires to eliminate Seiya for his defiance of the gods, dispatches three Angels to Earth.

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Pegasus Seiya (Heaven Chapter) 15th Anniversary ver.
SRP: ¥8640 (~$78), Height: 6.3" (16 cm), Release Date: December 2018