Raining Fire From the Skies! Iron Studios War Machine BDS Art Scale 1/10

We've previously introduced Winter Soldier, ThorHulkbuster Mark II and Captain America, and now Brazil’s Iron Studios has released War Machine, a new Avengers: Infinity War entry in its BDS Art Scale battle diorama collection, expected to ship Q1 2019.

Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, better known as War Machine, joined the side of his best friend, Tony Stark, in Captain America: Civil War. Accidentally shot down by Vision, he suffered permanent paralysis in his lower half. In Avengers: Infinity War, we see War Machine walking with the help of new cybernetic enhancements, donning his armor in the Battle of Wakanda and providing fire support from the air.

War Machine BDS Art Scale 1/10 measures 12" (30.5 cm) tall and is replicated from the film’s original 3D design files, using high level production techniques to capture War Machine in action. His armor detail and structure have been recreated with delicate crafting. Faded paint and mud splatters at select areas elevate the statue’s realism, with an incredible assortment of weapons extending from the back ready to engage the enemy. The diorama base features a metallic wreckage and looks great on display.

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War Machine BDS Art Scale 1/10 - Avengers: Infinity War
SRP: $109.99, Scale: 1/10, Height: 30.5 cm (12"), Expected Shipping Date: Q1 2019