Thanos' Dark Past! Behold the Hot Wheels® Marvel Thanos Helicopter (SDCC 2018 Exclusive)

Superman Action Comics #1 from Hot Wheels has just been unveiled, and now it is time for Marvel fans to rejoice! The new SDCC 2018 exclusive Marvel Comics Thanos Helicopter retails for $15!

I trust that the invincible and fearsome Thanos has been seared into your mind after Avengers: Infinity War, so how about a little palette cleanser for a change. Way back in 1979, in The Cat and the Cosmic Cube from Spidey Super Stories #39, Thanos was still a bona fide helicopter pilot twirling about in his Thanoscopter. Movie Thanos forces the Tesseract from Loki and crushes his neck. Comic Thanos threatens a kid for the Tesseract and gets arrested by the cops. ~For the times they are a-changin'~

▼ Nice to know that Thanos had no shortage of one-liners in 1979.

▼ Back in the day, when Thanos was still snatching things from kids~

▼ This is definitely the 1-in-14 million future that Doctor Strange foresaw.

▼ The Mad Titan has come a long way...

This bizarrely jarring offering from Hot Wheels visualizes Thanos piloting his namesake helicopter. The vehicle is made out of a metal alloy, providing great feel and playability in hand. The exquisite packaging is styled as the Tesseract cube, while the box art features Thanos holding up his prized Thanos-Copter suspended in the Tesseract. The back of the box includes a comic panel and background introduction of the vehicle. You can't miss out on this version of the Mad Titan!

Hot Wheels® Marvel Thanos Helicopter
SRP: $15, Release Date: July 2018 (SDCC 2018 Exclusive)