Pink P90 Ver.LLENN : Tokyo Marui x SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online

Japanese airsoft manufacturer Tokyo Marui has announced its partnership with popular light novel Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online to bring you protagonist Llenn’s pink FN P90 submachine gun “P-chan” electric rifle this summer! The product is limited and will retail for ¥36000.

Llenn’s trusty weapon “P-chan” is a P90 submachine gun coated in an adorable pink paint. Nimble with high magazine capacity and penetrating power as well as low recoil, the P90 is the perfect complement to Llenn’s fast-paced guerilla combat style, which earned her the nickname of “Pink Devil.” Even if the gun is destroyed in-game, Llenn will simply purchase another with the same pink paint job. Even Llenn’s real life persona carries around a pink P90 accessory!

▼ Tokyo Marui’s soon to be released “P-chan” P90 submachine gun is supervised by Gun Gale Online author Keiichi Sigsawa and Akimoto Kouzi. The exterior will be faithful to the light novel and colored pink.

▼ Tokyo Marui's standard P90 Submachine Gun electric rifle - ¥29800 (~$268)

Electric Rifle Standard Type P-90 Ver.LLENN
¥36000 (~$324) | 09/2018 Release