ThinkGeek Releases Slimmed-Down Pokemon Gengar Kigurumi

Film and pop culture merchandise specialist ThinkGeek has unveiled the unmissable Gengar Kigurumi from the Pokemon franchise. This scary onesie is available now and retails for $49.99!

Despite its devilish grin, the rotund, Kirby-esque Gengar has always been one of the most popular Pokemon. Mischievous by nature, this Ghost-type Pokemon is a prankster who loves to hide in the shadows, so discovering Gengar is no small feat! Furthermore, its presence absorbs heat, lowering the temperature of the surrounding temperature by 10℉, and Gengar's black hole-like body can absorb or relinquish almost any object. Interesting enough, Gengar is  40.5 kg (89 lbs) whereas his pre-evolved form Gastly weighs only 0.1 kg (0.2 lbs).

Gengar Kigurumi is available in sizes S~3XL for Gengars of all shapes and sizes! The kigurumi is made from a comfortable Polyester material perfect for Cosplay parties or lounging around at home, and the best part is that it recreates Gengar's pointy ears as well as back spikes and tail. But since the kigurumi is not padded you're going to have to stuff a few socks in there if you want to pay homage to the round real thing. Just slip on the hood and prank away!

Pokémon Gengar Kigurumi
SRP: $49.99
Product Sizes: S~3XL
Available Now!