Time Stops For No One. Wolverine ’08 Old Man Logan Collector’s Gallery Statue

We’ve seen him in Brown, we’ve seen him in yellow, and now we see him in…retirement? Gentle Giant has unveiled another Wolverine statue in its Collector’s Gallery collection: this is the Wolverine ’08 Old Man Logan 1:8 Scale Statue, expected to release Q4 2018.

In the Old Man Logan comic by Mark Millar, Wolverine lives in the parallel universe Earth-807128 where fifty years prior, he mistakenly murdered all the X-Men due to Mysterio’s trickery. Grief-stricken, he hung up his claws, retiring from the superhero life and causing his healing factor to deteriorate tremendously. Now he lives among everyone else, just another man trying to get by with his family...

Old Man Logan continues the tradition of Gentle Giant’s Wolverine collection, standing upright with adamantium claws crossed. When the Hulk Gang slaughters his family out of boredom, a despondent Logan brings out his claws, taking up the mantle of Wolverine once more. Such is the tale of the grizzled hero who’s been through thick and thin. The head sculpt is spectacular, wonderfully depicting the greying hair, wrinkled visage and Logan’s gaze of fury. His coat has been carefully painted to capture that leather-like appearance, while creases and weathering details have been added for a gritty, realistic look. Oh, and did we mention those claws are made with a real metal alloy?!! The value with this one is truly off the charts.

▼The statue is inspired by the cover design for Old Man Logan Vol. 2 #24

Wolverine ’08 Old Man Logan Collector’s Gallery Statue
Suggested Retail Price: $159.99
Product Scale: 1/8Size: 1/8
Expected Arrival Date: Q4 2018